Joomla 4 Architecture

In his J and Beyond 2015 session “J 3.6 and Beyond” in Prague, Chris Davenport presented an idea about to introduce a ‘channel independency border’, behind which the same code could serve both the classic web and REST. The idea was very appealing, especially if it could be evolved to also include the command line and other channels.

In one of the “Make it happen!” sessions, we discussed that approach, which I had some ideas to add to. Finally, a Joomla 4 Architecture group was founded, and I was invited to join it.

I wrote down my thoughts about how I think, Joomla should look like in the future. Starting with the Hypermedia API, I soon realized, that it has massive consequences on Joomla’s internals. That freed me in a way, because I could add other ideas I have, as well.

The writings and drawings are far from complete - that’s not their purpose. They serve mainly two purposes: Help me not to forget, what I already elaborated, and to discuss it. I’ll add other things to it during the next time.

Stay tuned!